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"The Birth of the Christ Child" (1999) celebrated the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of the Christ Child through a re-performance of the divine comedy in a new medium. The theological and dramatological issues of the reconciliation of good and evil, and the issue of time itself, seemed pressing on the eve of the new millenium. We were artistically curious about how these issues would play out in a comedy....

This millennial event was conceived and directed by Marlena Corcoran and sponsored by the Medienforum Muenchen e.V. (Munich, Germany). It was projected live at the Forum Literaturhaus Muenchen. Subsequently, a complete transcript of the performance was published in Performance Art Journal (2003) under the title "An Internet Performance for the Third Millennium: The Birth of the Christ Child," with an introduction by Marlena Corcoran.

[ cast and performance ]

[ auf Deutsch ]

Smoking.Angel says, "Whatcha reading, First?"

First.Angel says, "Well, I got the orders, right here. That drama again. The one with the kids and the animals."

Smoking.Angel says, "Orders? What orders?"

First.Angel says, "Every year the same thing! Over and over!"

Smoking.Angel shudders

baaa humbug

First.Angel says, "We must have rehearsed this nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times!"

at least

Smoking.Angel says, "You can't be serious--you're doing this idiotic play AGAIN???"


so true

baaa humbug is right

First.Angel says, "Well, at least it's a play that even kindergardeners can perform."

Smoking.Angel says, "Right, a play for and by and about children. Every theatergoer's dream."

[from Birth of the Christ Child]

"The Birth of the Christ Child"

Eine elektronische Netztext-Performance in englischer Sprache

Mittwoch, 15.12, 20.00 Uhr, Forum Literaturhaus München, Salvatorplatz 1
Eintritt frei

Einführung: Marlena Corcoran

Die Plaintext Players führen live und online "Text-Theater" auf. Die Zuschauer erleben den kollaborativen Schreibprozess, der via Beamer auf die Wand projiziert wird. Dabei wird eine göttliche Komödie entstehen. Nach der Performance können die Zuschauer via Internet Fragen an die über den Erdball verteilten Mitwirkenden stellen.


Veranstalter: Medienforum München e.V.