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The Cake of the Desert
adaptation and visuals by Antoinette LaFarge

In this short graphic nove, BigMan and LittleMan get into an argument over BigMan's inability to remember certain improbable events. LittleMan plays a tape of BloodyZelda to spark BigMan's memory, but BigMan only becomes enraged and destroys the recorder. LittleMan flees, and the piece ends with BigMan being haunted by ghostly voices.

The text of The Cake of the Desert is based on a longer Plaintext Players online improvisation, the ninth from the "Christmas" series, originally done with a cast of four:

Joe Ferrari . . . . . as BigMan
Adrianne Wortzel . . . . . as Littleman
Heather Wagner . . . . . as [on_the_tape], aka BloodyZelda
Lesley Mowat . . . . . as stage

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