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In "The Candide Campaign" (1996), the naive & sentimental young Candide pitted his Majority Party against Baron.Samedi's Death Party. Assisted by his running mate, howweird the horse, and his political advisor, the malevolent Monkey-General, Candide aimed for the Highest Office in the Land. For winners and losers alike, it was a fast-moving, unpredictable, and sometimes chaotic free-for-all in the best tradition of American politics.

Oct. 22: THE CANDIDATE ANNOUNCES: In which we discover what it takes to persuade the young Candide to throw his hat into the ring against Baron.Samedi and his Death Party.

Oct. 30: THE GREAT DEBATE: In which young Candide and the immortal Baron.Samedi square off in time-honored fashion to answer voters' questions, slander one another, and sling mud at any who get in the way.

Nov. 5: ELECTION NIGHT: In which candidate Candide, his running mate howweird the horse, his advisor Monkey-General, members of the press, and others await the results of the contest between Candide's Majority Party and Baron.Samedi's Death Party.

Nov. 8: THE SPIN CYCLE: The election is over. . . or is it? Candide, Monkey-General, reporter, History-Herself, and others meet to consider What Really Happened in the campaign: who won, who lost, who tied, and who cares.

[ cast and performance ]

[ Still Lies Quiet Truth ] (a play based on the Candide Campaign)

[ SLQT ] (an epic poem based on the Candide Campaign)

What do you do when an election has been declared void?

Aren't all elections pretty void?

Well, we'll be doing it on Friday.

Kill everyone and start over.

Move to California.

[from The Candide Campaign]