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Christmas 1994

In November 2006, the Baltimore Theatre Project presented the East Coast premiere of Demotic, an hour-long mixed-reality performance work that included contributions by the Plaintext Players. Partly improvised, partly scripted, Demotic was intended as a ride through America's political psychoses towards the end of the Bush years, exploring aspects of our experience as they are shaped by Internet and media culture. The dozen individual segments that make up the larger work riff on political corruption, war-mongering, loss by disaster, distraction, and conspiracy mania.

Demotic brought together virtual and physical performers in a collaborative concert merging textual, vocal, and musical improvisation. The creative team included sound artist Maria de los Angeles Esteves, sound artist and programmer Jeff Ridenour, stage performer Tracey A. Leigh, members of the online performance group known as the Plaintext Players (Antoinette LaFarge, Ursula Endlicher, Lise Patt, Richard Smoley, Heather Wagner, and Ellen Warkentine), and Aida Croal (additional text).

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