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"Gutter City" (1995) is a serial improvisational drama in seven parts. Set both in the present and the Civil War, it follows the strange adventures of Ishmael after his rescue from the shipwreck at the end of Moby Dick, including a court martial. Incidental characters incluce a simian prosecutor, fate impersonating the judge, a melancholy horse, and an unreliable reporter.

This series took place as part of the New York Digital Salon show. The performances took place online, on ID MOO. A complete transcript of the fifth improvisation in this series (entitled "What Was in That Truth Serum?") is archived on this site.

[ cast and performances ]

[ complete transcript, 5th improv ]

Ishmael: "I swear allegiance to NO ONE but myself and to the truth as I SEE IT!"

Monkey-General mimics Ishmael by strutting around the court with her hands over her eyes.

fate nods: "Continue, Prosecutrix."

Monkey-General: "Have you ever seen these shoes before?"

Monkey-General holds up the laceless red shoes.

Ishmael squints: "Yes."

Monkey-General: "These are the same and very same shoes you stole from..."

Monkey-General holds up deserter's head.

"...this poor sod."

[from Gutter City]