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"LittleHamlet" was a reworking of the Hamlet story that inverted text and subtext. All of the characters' formerly unspoken needs, fears, and desires came to the fore. This series took place as part of the London "Blast 4: Bioinformatica" show organized by the X-Art Foundation and the Xavier Lopez Gallery. The performances took place online, on PMC MOO, and were seen offline via live projection in the gallery.

[ cast and performances ]

Claudius: "Laertes, my dear boy, there's been an unfortunate, er, misunderstanding..."

Laertes: "I demand revenge!... Who and how was my father killed?"

[psst... it wasn't cancer]

BloodyGertrude: "No one lives forever, Laertes... jeesh... grow up."

Claudius: "...involving a, ah, curtain, and uh..."

[killed by a curtain? But that's absurd!]

Laertes: "Yes, yer Malady?"

[psst, he wasn't hit by a bus... heck, we don't got no busses yet]

Claudius: "...and a no... He was very nosy, your father."

BloodyGertrude: "Anyway, think of the insurance money."

[Or do we? Are there Danish busses?]

Claudius: "And I didn't do it!"

Laertes: "Look, I'm seeking ABSOLUTE TRUTH!"

Claudius: "I didn't do the other thing either!"

[from LittleHamlet]