The Plaintext Players
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Demotic 2004/2006
The Roman Forum Project 2003
Virtual Live 2002
The Roman Forum 2000
Birth of the Christ Child 1999
Still Lies Quiet Truth 1998
Silent Orpheus 1997
Orpheus 1997
The White Whale 1997
The Candide Campaign 1996
Gutter City 1995
LittleHamlet 1995
The Cake of the Desert 1996
I Object 1995
Christmas 1994

The Plaintext Players are an online performance (or "cyberpformance") group specializing in directed textual improvisations. Along with a few other groups, they jumped in early with the idea that writing could be a fascinating form of performance, and that writers need not be restricted always to the fixed, edited final text as a mode of production.

The Players have been creating live online and mixed-reality performances since 1994, working with a core group of members and a rotating roster of guest artists. In the last 15 years, the Players have undertaken dozens of performances for festivals, exhibitions, and other events worldwide, including documenta x and the Venice Biennale. Archived here is material from many of those events.

The earlier performances, up through 2000, tended to be pure cyberformances, while the later ones have tended to be mixed-reality projects linking the online Players telematically with actors and musicians.