The Plaintext Players
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Demotic 2004/2006
The Roman Forum Project 2003
Virtual Live 2002
The Roman Forum 2000
Birth of the Christ Child 1999
Still Lies Quiet Truth 1998
Silent Orpheus 1997
Orpheus 1997
The White Whale 1997
The Candide Campaign 1996
Gutter City 1995
LittleHamlet 1995
The Cake of the Desert 1996
I Object 1995
Christmas 1994


Robert Allen
bit_o_crumbling_aqueduct (The Roman Forum), Kato.Kailin (Christmas)

Cathy Caplan
howweird (The Candide Campaign), Eurydice (Orpheus, Silent Orpheus), LittleHamlet (LittleHamlet), JUS-TICE (Christmas)

Marlena Corcoran
Poppaea.Sabina (The Roman Forum Project 2003, Roman Forum 2000), First.Angel and Three.Dead.Men (Birth of the Christ Child), Orpheus (Orpheus, Silent Orpheus), Herman (The White Whale), Candide (The Candide Campaign), Polonius, Skull.of.Yorick and Claudius (LittleHamlet)

Ursula Endlicher
immy (Demotic), Sibyl and Kindergardeners (Birth of the Christ Child)

Joe Ferrari
Quintus.Roscius (The Roman Forum Project 2003, The Roman Forum 2000), Recording.Angel (Birth of the Christ Child), Zeus and maryMaenad (Orpheus, Silent Orpheus), Reporter (The Candide Campaign), Laertes (LittleHamlet), BigMan (Christmas)

Richard Foerstl
Cicero (The Roman Forum Project 2003, The Roman Forum 2000), Shepherds and Isaiah (Birth of the Christ Child), Ishmael (Gutter City, The White Whale)

Antoinette LaFarge
meme (Demotic 2006), Pretorian_Guard and Nero (The Roman Forum 2000), Smoking.Angel and XDD (Birth of the Christ Child), History-Herself (The Candide Campaign), Fate and Cholera_Morbius (Gutter City), Better.Justice (Christmas)

Thessy Mehrain
The.Scandal (The Candide Campaign), Nicole.Simpson's.Ghost (Christmas), BloodyZelda (Christmas)

Lesley Mowat
BigGhost (LittleHamlet), BigMan, LittleMan, and Stage (Christmas)

Lise Patt
hound (Demotic), Germania.Servius (The Roman Forum Project 2003, The Roman Forum 2000), Satan (Birth of the Christ Child), Cerberus (Orpheus, Silent Orpheus), Monkey-General (The Candide Campaign, Gutter City, The White Whale)

Jury (Gutter City) Tiny.Hand (Christmas)

Lorna Smedman
gravediggah and BloodyGertrude (LittleHamlet)

Richard Smoley
pap (Demotic), Petronius.Arbiter (The Roman Forum Project 2003, The Roman Forum 2000), Baron.Samedi (The Candide Campaign, Christmas), Hades (Orpheus, Silent Orpheus)

Heather Wagner
landlord (Demotic), White.Wale (The White Whale), BloodyZelda and Stomach (Christmas), Stage (The Candide Campaign, LittleHamlet, Christmas)

Ellen Warkentine
kid (Demotic)

Adrianne Wortzel
BloodyGertrude (LittleHamlet), LittleMan and Detective_HammettUp! (Christmas)


Antoinette LaFarge
Demotic, The Roman Forum Project 2003, The Roman Forum 2000, Orpheus, Silent Orpheus, The White Whale, The Candide Campaign,
Gutter City, LittleHamlet, Christmas [except #13]

Marlena Corcoran
The Birth of the Christ Child

Heather Wagner
Christmas #13