The Plaintext Players
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Demotic 2004/2006
The Roman Forum Project 2003
Virtual Live 2002
The Roman Forum 2000
Birth of the Christ Child 1999
Still Lies Quiet Truth 1998
Silent Orpheus 1997
Orpheus 1997
The White Whale 1997
The Candide Campaign 1996
Gutter City 1995
LittleHamlet 1995
The Cake of the Desert 1996
I Object 1995
Christmas 1994

articles about the Plaintext Players

"Media Commedia" Leonardo 38:3, 2005 [PDF]

"Life and Death in the Digital World of the Plaintext Players." Marlena Corcoran, Leonardo (Fall 1999).

"Did Anyone Bring a Word or an Ax?: Towards an Id Theater" by Antoinette LaFarge, presented at the 1997 College Art Association Conference.

"A World Exhilarating and Wrong: Theatrical Improvisation on the Internet", Leonardo 28:5, 1995

Plaintext Players texts

"An Internet Performance for the Third Millennium: The Birth of the Christ Child." Transcript of a 1999 Plaintext Players performance conceived and directed by Marlena Corcoran. In Performance Art Journal 73, 2003.

"The Roman Forum Project" 2003 (script, PDF)

"Orpheus: sono la musica" (transcript)

"The Cake of the Desert" 1995 (radio play version)

"Gutter City 5: What Was in That Truth Serum?" 1995 (transcript)

"SLQT" (adapted from "The Candide Campaign" transcripts)

articles about cyberformance and avatarism

"A Meditation on Virtual Kinesthesia" 2007. Dialogue with Robert Allen in Extensions: The Online Journal of Embodiment and Techology

"Adventures in Cyberformance: Experiments at the Interface of Theatre and the Internet." Helen Varley Jamieson. M.A. in Performance Studies thesis, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2008.

"The Stage Is Everywhere: A Multimedia Musing About Distributed Online Performance." Angus Leech and Sylvie Parent. Horizon Zero, Issue 13: Perform, Banff New Media Institute (January/February 2004).

"Theater und Theatralitšt im Internet." Andreas Horbelt. Master's thesis, Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitšt, Munich (2001).

Cyberpl@y: Communicating Online. Brenda Danet. Oxford, England: Berg Publishers, 2001.

"Houdini's Premonition: Virtuality and Vaudeville on the Internet." Thyrza Nichols Goodeve. Leonardo 30:5, 1997.