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The hour-long mixed-reality performance work The Roman Forum Project 2003 was an examination of the American scene since the postelection crisis of 2000. Comprising a thematically linked group of sketches, it premiered at the Beall Center for Art and Technology at UC Irvine in March 2003. Opening just a few days before the war with Iraq began, it offered a critique of the prolonged crisis in American politics and the nation's vision of itself and its role on the world stage.

As a sequel to The Roman Forum (2000), the project centered on five Roman characters from around the 1st century C.E., a time when Rome's republican government was under great strain from the stresses of building and maintaining a large empire. Ranging from a Roman empress to a captured slave, these voices from an empire that Americans have tended to admire spoke directly to America's double role as democracy and international superpower. The Plaintext Players provided material that was woven throughout the piece, including one scene that was improvised live each night.

The Roman Forum Project 2003 was included in a Los Angeles Times list of the 10 best Los Angeles-area shows of the previous three years. Quote: "The multimedia production was a scathing indictment of the 2000 elections, staged in the heart of Orange County."

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