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"Still Lies Quiet Truth" (1998) is a theatrical adaptation of a prior Plaintext Players project, "The Candide Campaign," which was an online performance work about the 1996 presidential election. "Still Lies Quiet Truth" featured actors performing in a black-box space, while a series of live projections from an online virtual world showed their current 'location' in the storyline. It premiered in the 1998 New York International Fringe Festival and was repeated later that year for the New York Digital Salon.

The script for this work is not currently available online, but it is closely related to the poem "SLQT", which is archived on this site.

Director: Robert Allen
Sound design: Joe Ferrari

[ cast and performances ]

[ poem ]

A trio of Reporters (in hats) harass the feckless presidential candidate.
From left to right: David Heckel, Erika Larson, Giovanni Pucci, and Melissa Phipps.