The Plaintext Players
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Demotic 2004/2006
The Roman Forum Project 2003
The Roman Forum 2000
Birth of the Christ Child 1999
Still Lies Quiet Truth 1998
Silent Orpheus 1997
Orpheus 1997
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Gutter City 1995
LittleHamlet 1995
The Cake of the Desert 1996
I Object 1995
Christmas 1994

"Virtual Live" (2000) was preview event for The Roman Forum (2000) that took place at Location One Gallery, New York. A live performance involving both in-gallery actors and the net-based Plaintext Players was streamed live to the web. The image above is a screen shot of the event, collaged to show two different phases of the evening. On the left is the second of two streaming videos of live green-screened performances. On the right is the start of a live textual improvisation by the Plaintext Players in the Location One chat room.

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