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The "Christmas" series was based on a scenario by Robert Allen featuring the archetypal trio Big Man, Little Man, and Bloody Zelda. Not very bright, and liable to get enraged easily, Big Man depended on Little Man to keep him calm and safe. But no matter where they went or what they did, Bloody Zelda was sure to turn up with her knack for creating chaos out of order. Over the course of this series, the ill-assorted trio found themselves in court, in hell, and lost in the desert as they played out their struggles.

Spin-off works from this series included a graphic novel and a radio play, both based on "Christmas 9: The Cake of the Desert." In addition, a unique boxed edition of scripts and other materials from this series was created.

[ cast and performances ]

[ "Cake of the Desert" radio play ]

[ "Cake of the Desert" graphic novel ]

I am all washed up.

I am all the vultures who are tired of waiting.

I am glad to hear that.

Curtain down.

I am the end.

Sun up.

I am over it.

Lights out.

I am in the dark.

I am gone like a will of the lisp.

[from Christmas 9: The Cake of the Desert]