Bioneering: Hybrid Investigations of Food
A gathering of artists, scientists, scholars, activists and community organizers sharing their work
concerning food production, consumption & distribution.

Symposium Proceedings: April 13, 2007

Food, Community Activism and the Arts
Eating Past, Present and Future
Agricultural Interventions

Introduction and Welcome: Lisa Tucker

Introduction: Antoinette LaFarge

Introduction: Kavita Philip

Roman Jaster: "Design as Social Intervention"

Deena Capparelli: "Soil Moisture, Hungry Critters and Native Edibles"

Sheila Fennoy: "Getting Reconnected with the Earth"

Fritz Haeg: "Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn"

Claude Willey: "Fuel, Food & Climate Change: Speculating on a Region's Future"

Martha L. Orozco-Cardenas: "Plant Transformation Techn ologies for Crop Imporvement and Human Health"

Reverend Stephen Vines and Rashad Salahuddin

Dan Froot: "Who's Hungry?"

Beatriz Da Costa: "Free Range Grains: Food Labeling and Public Testing"

Claire Pentecost


Melanie DuPuis: "Angels and Vegetables: The Birth of Food Advice in the US"

Pearl Ho: "Food Diagnostic Activism at Home or FDA at Home"